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Our Background and Mission

Many of the vast number of mushroom species are available worldwide. They are valued in gourmet traditions around the world for their unique taste, aroma, nutritional value, and medicinal potentials. Many mushroom species are also used in traditional medicines in many countries around the world, including China, Japan, Nigeria, Tibet, etc. Additionally, mushrooms are highly appreciated by many in most communities. Because they are considered as valuable health foods, have acceptable texture and flavor, have low energy content, high proportion of indigestible fiber, and antioxidant constituents. They have good medicinal values, and they contain significant amounts of vitamins, and minerals.

The cultivation of mushrooms as food and for medicinal use began thousands of years ago. Since then, mushrooms have become among the finest culinary items and most appreciated ingredients worldwide. Furthermore, mushrooms have been viewed as a functional food because they present several previously ignored biological properties. Of the many known edible species of mushrooms, only 20 are cultivated on a large scale worldwide. The production of these species exceeds 6 million tons per year. Information about the composition of foods has become increasingly important to evaluate the quality of the foods. In terms of quality, mushrooms are a demonstrably healthy food, low in calories but high in protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

The popularity of mushrooms has been demonstrated by the interest of many researchers who have endeavored to study the nutritional and medicinal effects of mushrooms. In this context, the discovery of a variety of biological activities has highlighted the antioxidant power of mushrooms. However, the literature reports adverse effects, side effects and toxicity in animals and in clinical trials related to the species of mushrooms marketed for human consumption. It is known that edible mushrooms do not pose risks to human health if they are adequately stored, processed and properly cultivated and if due care is taken to identify species that can be safely ingested. Additional randomized clinical trials are needed to prove the effectiveness and safety of mushrooms and to identify beneficial doses to be used in the prevention and treatment of various diseases or in health promotion.

Mushroom-events.com is the website which lists all mushroom focused events happening in India and world which are organized by Biobritte India. Biobritte’s one wing is working on mushroom innovations. Activities includes mushroom growing, mushroom spawn manufacturing, mushroom research and development, mushroom food products and mushroom health care products. Biobritte covers around 50 types of mushrooms which include edible and medicinal mushrooms.

It is our attempt to create awareness in public so it can help everyone to stay healthy. In order to create awareness, Biobritte started to organize mushroom conferences, mushroom workshops, mushroom technical meets, mushroom growers meet, round table meetings and besides that Biobritte also help people to get trained in the mushroom growing of different types.

Mushroom Workshops and Conferences in 2020

Mushroom Workshop Pune | Mushroom Workshop Mumbai |

Mushroom Workshop Delhi | Mushroom Workshop Hyderabad |

Mushroom Workshop in Kolkata | Mushroom Workshop Bangalore |

Mushroom Workshop Ahmedabad | Mushroom Workshop Ahmedabad |

Mushroom Workshop Chennai | Mushroom Workshop Surat |

Mushroom Workshop Jaipur | Mushroom Workshop Lucknow |

Mushroom Workshop Kanpur | Mushroom Workshop Nagpur |

Mushroom Workshop Indore | Mushroom Workshop Patna |

Mushroom Workshop Pune | Mushroom Workshop Visakhapatnam |

Mushroom Workshop Vadodara | Mushroom Workshop Nashik |

Mushroom Workshop Varanasi | Mushroom Workshop Aurangabad |

Mushroom Workshop Navi Mumbai | Mushroom Workshop Amritsar |

Mushroom Workshop Ranchi | Mushroom Workshop Jabalpur |

Mushroom Workshop Coimbatore | Mushroom Workshop Raipur |

Mushroom Workshop Chandigarh | Mushroom Workshop Guwahati |

Mushroom Workshop Solapur | Mushroom Workshop Hubli |

Mushroom Workshop Dharwad | Mushroom Workshop Tiruchirappalli |

Mushroom Workshop Mysore | Mushroom Workshop Gurgaon |

Mushroom Workshop Bhubaneswar | Mushroom Workshop Amravati |

Mushroom Workshop Dehradun | Mushroom Workshop Nanded |

Mushroom Workshop Kolhapur | Mushroom Workshop Akola |

Mushroom Workshop Ujjain | Mushroom Workshop Mangalore |

Mushroom Workshop Sangli | Mushroom Workshop Belgaum |

Mushroom Workshop Thiruvananthapuram | Mushroom Workshop Agartala |

Mushroom Workshop Latur | Mushroom Workshop Dhule |

Mushroom Workshop Rohtak | Mushroom Workshop Satara |

Mushroom Workshop Imphal | Mushroom Workshop New Delhi |

Mushroom Workshop Pondicherry | Mushroom Workshop Gangtok |

Mushroom Workshop Panjim | Mushroom Workshop Indore

Mushroom Conferences Pune | Mushroom Conferences Mumbai |

Mushroom Conferences Delhi | Mushroom Conferences Hyderabad |

Mushroom Conferences in Kolkata | Mushroom Conferences Bangalore |

Mushroom Conferences Ahmedabad | Mushroom Conferences Ahmedabad |

Mushroom Conferences Chennai | Mushroom Conferences Surat |

Mushroom Conferences Jaipur | Mushroom Conferences Lucknow |

Mushroom Conferences Kanpur | Mushroom Conferences Nagpur |

Mushroom Conferences Indore | Mushroom Conferences Patna |

Mushroom Conferences Pune | Mushroom Conferences Visakhapatnam |

Mushroom Conferences Vadodara | Mushroom Conferences Nashik |

Mushroom Conferences Varanasi | Mushroom Conferences Aurangabad |

Mushroom Conferences Navi Mumbai | Mushroom Conferences Amritsar |

Mushroom Conferences Ranchi | Mushroom Conferences Jabalpur |

Mushroom Conferences Coimbatore | Mushroom Conferences Raipur |

Mushroom Conferences Chandigarh | Mushroom Conferences Guwahati |

Mushroom Conferences Solapur | Mushroom Conferences Hubli |

Mushroom Conferences Dharwad | Mushroom Conferences Tiruchirappalli |

Mushroom Conferences Mysore | Mushroom Conferences Gurgaon |

Mushroom Conferences Bhubaneswar | Mushroom Conferences Amravati |

Mushroom Conferences Dehradun | Mushroom Conferences Nanded |

Mushroom Conferences Kolhapur | Mushroom Conferences Akola |

Mushroom Conferences Ujjain | Mushroom Conferences Mangalore |

Mushroom Conferences Sangli | Mushroom Conferences Belgaum |

Mushroom Conferences Thiruvananthapuram | Mushroom Conferences Agartala |

Mushroom Conferences Latur | Mushroom Conferences Dhule |

Mushroom Conferences Rohtak | Mushroom Conferences Satara |

Mushroom Conferences Imphal | Mushroom Conferences New Delhi |

Mushroom Conferences Pondicherry | Mushroom Conferences Gangtok |

Mushroom Conferences Panjim | Mushroom Conferences Indore


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Scientific Conferences

Scientific Conferences

Attending conferences might be one of the best things you can do for your career. You’ll learn about industry trends, gain some new skills, and make all kinds of new connections. (And yes, there’s usually travel and free meals involved.) But all those speakers, sessions, contacts, and conversations can also be overwhelming.



Attending our workshops will increase your understanding towards mushrooms in view of recent ground-breaking applications of mushrooms and much more.

Exhibitions and Expos

Exhibitions and Expos

Book your stall to display your mushroom products and services.


Mushroom Events are organized by collaboration of Biobritte India and MUSH-CONFERENCE.

Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited

Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited

Mushroom Company

Biobritte is top mushroom research,training and mushroom company. Biobritte grows different type of mushrooms. It is top mushroom promoting company in India. Besides that, It is an international exporter company.



Event organizer

MUSH-CONFERENCE is mushroom promotion organization. It creates and promote awareness about mushrooms at indian level. It helps to understand people about mushroom usage.